Our aim: raise awareness of Israel’s extraordinary contributions so that the next
generation of leaders will see Israel as a valued friend. Our successful campaigns have reached millions.

How we’ve done it:

College Alumni Magazine Campaign

We reach current and future leaders in media they frequent. Our campaign promoting Israeli innovation continues, with ads in Ivy Network Alumni Magazines (reaching 1.4 million).

HELP US expand to other University Alum Magazines across the US.


Israel Is On It Campaign

Using top pros, we’ve designed and placed ads in the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and Vice, resulting in millions of engagements. 500,000 read our BuzzFeed articles.

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Facebook Communities

Our two Facebook communities have 775,000 fans: 722,500 on Untold News and 52,500 on El Pequeño Dínamo. Our lively, sharing fans help spread the word daily. Join us!

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Free Updated Ebook

Download free Tiny Dynamo.
We published Tiny Dynamo and El Pequeño Dínamo, an inspiring collection of 21 stories about Israeli inventions that are changing the world. Each story details the inventor, their inspiration, their challenges, and how with determination they turned them into reality.

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YouTube Video Library

15 short videos on our UntoldNews YouTube channel, featuring major Israeli inventions and humanitarian efforts.

325,000 views to date.

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